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August 27, 2017

Smaller nonprofits and their staff members need to take advantage of every possible technological efficiency if they are to have any time available to focus on growing the organization to meet its mission. I’ve previously discussed the benefits of Nitro Pro in compiling documents created with different programs, e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, TIF, PDF, into a single document, such as your board agenda. That’s one benefit of using a software product like Nitro Pro. Another is that Nitro Pro can serve as a printer, meaning that you can send documents from almost any software program on earth to the Nitro Pro printer and have that document then become savable as a PDF.  With a free add-on, you can also send any PDF to Evernote. The benefit of doing so is that you can set Evernote notebooks on your phone or table to be available offline, in cases where the Internet is spotty or nonexistent. I catch up on a lot of reading on planes and trains this way. Let me briefly illustrate each of these features.

(1) Better meeting agenda Assembly / Distribution: Create a Single PDF from Multiple Files Using Nitro Pro

You want to make it easy for people to get one complete compilation of your agenda materials versus a half-dozen or more separate files that they have to open or print from an email. If paper orientation and technology challenges are an issue, I recommend buying aNitro Pro. A license covering 1 to 10 people typically costs $159.99, but is currently available at a 20% discount on my resource page. With it, you can easily combine files of many different types into a single PDF. As shown below, you can also add page numbers and annotate the agenda page so that board and committee members can easily find agenda items. I use this strategy with the board of the nonprofit that I run. Here’s a link to a short video showing an example of this strategy in action.

Meeting Agenda Assembly / Distribution Nitro Pro

A final step is sending the document to your board or committee members. One way to do so is to include it as a single attachment to an email. Another way is to send a link from your Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive account in an email. This latter method is particularly useful if the resulting file is very large.


When you purchase and install Nitro PDF, the setup program adds Nitro Pro as a printer on your PC. This means that, so long as a software package gives you the ability to print, you can create a PDF from that file.

(3) Send Pdf’s to evernote from nitro pro

I spend a fair amount of time on planes and trains. Sometimes the Internet is not all that it could be. This is why I created an Evernote notebook called “READ LATER.” In Evernote settings on my phone, I’ve changed settings so that things in the READ LATER notebook are “available offline.” That way, I am always able to access my Evernote “READ LATER” notebook items from a smart phone or tablet even if there is no Internet connection available. Saving the file to Evernote also means that I can use all of Evernote’s powerful tagging and search functions to find anything from any device. The diagram below shows how you send something from the “file” command in the Windows Nitro menu to Evernote.

I fooled around with a lot of Adobe products in architecture school. They’re great if you use them every day.  They’re cumbersome and frustrating if you don’t. I find that Nitro strikes the right balance between having terrific features that improve my productivity and having a learning curve and a purchase price that are truly very reasonable.  Do yourself and your board members a favor and at least try it today. There’s a link to a coupon for 20% off on my resource page.  The coupon expires on 8/31!

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